Experiential Simulation: "WARZONE 90"

Due to centre reconstruction, "Warzone90" will be open for application until 31 July 2023, after which application will be suspended until further notice. Thank you for your attention!

In an unusual 90-minute journey, you will step onto a ruthless battlefield; you will experience the taste of despair, as well as the glimpse of hope.

In a world of armed conflicts and hostility, you constantly face fear, pain and hunger. Suddenly, a group of guerrillas barge into your hideout. If you stay, you may be forced to be a child soldier, who will face endless coldblooded killings and tortures. If you flee, where else can you go?

Being in complete darkness, will you get the chance to see a shred of light? Who will be there to lend you a helping hand?

Located on the 7/F at the Hong Kong Red Cross Headquarters, our exploration programme – “WARZONE90” is the first exploration zone on war in Asia. Through a series of authentic experience and stories, the horror and misery of war are revealed in front of the participants, which enable them to understand war is not far-reaching, everyone can help regardless of their background, and everyone can take humanitarian actions to address the challenges.


The exploration programme adopt a 4E’s education pattern – Explore, Experience, Exchange and Engage. This assists the participants to build up humanitarian perspectives, instill a sense of humanitarian care and take humanity into action in order to answer the ever-changing humanity challenges, to bring hope for the sufferers and practice a humanitarian mission of “protect human lives, care for the vulnerable and respect human dignity.”


Different Target  Different Content

Group Appointment:

  • [1.0 Primary School Version] P.5-P.6.  
  • [Secondary School Version] F.1-F.6
  • [Adult Version] College students and Adult
  • [Parenting Version] Parent and their aged 8-12 child



Different Target  Different Content

  • [1.0 Primary School Version] P.5-P.6.  
  • [Secondary School Version] F.1-F.6
  • [Adult Version] College students and Adult
  • [Parenting Version] Parent and their aged 8-12 child
  • Price:

    Price(per group)

    • Enterprises


    • Schools
    • Non-profits Organizations


  • 12 to 30 participants per group.
  • If the number of total participants exceeds 30, the participation fee will be $150 per extra participant. You should notified our staff before the start of the activity and fully paid the fee. No refund will be made if there is an adjustment in number of participants on the day of WarZone 90.
  • The NGO applicant might be requested to provide:

    1)Certificate of registered under the Societies Ordinance; or incorporated under the Companies Ordinance; or formed by Statute; or registered on the list of approved charitable institutions or trusts of a public character.

    2)The Memorandum (if any) and Articles of Association or the Constitution of the applicant must include a clause specifying that members do not take any share of the profits or any share of the assets upon dissolution.

  • Available Timeslots

    Tuesdays to Fridays



      Morning session: 09:45am – 1:00pm

      Afternoon session: 2:15pm – 5:45pm

      Evening session: 6:45pm – 10:00pm

    Sundays , Mondays and
    Public Holidays


  • Activity duration is 3 hours.
  • Notice

  • “WARZONE 90” must be booked 6 weeks in advanced
  • Activity will be confirmed by payment
  • Language: Cantonese Only

  • Before making group appointment, please read Notes to Group Applicants
  • Application

  • Online application
  • or download and fill in the application form, fax or email to our centre,

Please be reminded that the activity will be conducted in Cantonese ONLY. 

You can

You can:

  1. participate in simulation regarding humanitarian challenges to experience situations faced by children in war
  2. perceive humanitarian consequences brought by war
  3. ponder ways to practice humanitarian actions in daily life